About us

Networks Control develops holistic and secure IT concepts for companies and provides them with versatile and professional service.

We focus on:
–  problem-free IT
–  a secure, controlled IT structure and IT administration
–  individual cost-saving solutions and their implementation

In realising these, we rely on a world-wide network of innovative companies, such as Microsoft, Fujitsu and Dell. We offer you professional competence and realise practical solutions for your company and staff.

We assign the highest priority to such values as reliability, honesty and attentiveness. We deliver what we promise. In cooperating with our customers, we value open and honest communication: the key to mutual trust.

Our firm serves a range of corporate groups in the Cologne/Düsseldorf area who value innovative IT support. Our services are also available anywhere in Germany, subject to individual arrangement.




Do you and your staff have divergent views when it comes to IT? Is a properly regulated structure missing? Is there no communication?
In addition to their regular work, staff frequently find it necessary to do IT tasks themselves, as an in-house IT department is too expensive. But there is usually no one on the team with the requisite specialist knowhow. And keeping staff abreast of the newest developments would be too costly.


Routine tasks require additional time. System errors disturb the functions on which daily operations depend. Serious data loss as a result of insufficient security is a frequent occurrence. This all brings high costs, in terms of time, nerves and money!


We are your ‘external IT department,’ both remotely and on-site.

We listen carefully to all relevant standpoints and develop an optimised, high-performance concept for you and your staff.

We function as a link between department staff and IT.

The result: a future-oriented IT infrastructure that, above all else, is transparent as to costs and which is continuously modifiable in accordance with your company’s development.


What we offer

The first step is always a personal conversation with you.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Infrastructure analysis

client and server management

VPN solutions, home-office connectivity

DATEV for companies

IT monitoring

rollout support


penetration test

email-hosted exchange

data security (backup & recovery)

antivirus and antispam solutions

on-site scheduled maintenance

remote management and diagnosis (short response times)

VOIP telephone systems

data protection officer



Download TeamViewer free of charge

Permit incoming connections in order to receive support, or assume control of remote computers in order to provide help.
Customers of Networks Control can download TeamViewer here, free of charge. Once you have downloaded and installed TeamViewer, you will be able to establish your initial connection in a matter of seconds.

Please note: clicking on the link, below, will lead to an immediate download of the software. Please only click if this is your intention.


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